What Stocks to Invest Your Money in Now: Ford and SOLR

Are you wondering when a good time to get into the stock market is? Have you been watching some stocks that just aren’t doing that well? Now is the time to buy these stocks!

I know I have already written a few stock market articles, but like everything, times and things change. But my articles about these few stocks have not. My first article gave a quick over view about the few stocks that I like to follow and that have helped me invest my money. You can read that article here: http://bizcovering.com/investing/which-stocks-to-invest-your-money-in-the-stock-market/. That article was published back on August 11th of this year. Now, two weeks later, I am still suggesting the same stocks but with a new two week coverage of them. Yes two weeks is hardly anything in the stock world, but cash for clunkers is over, and many other monthly reports have come out.

Now you must be wondering, well what stocks are the best to invest in right now? Before you continue to read this article, I want to stress that fact that I am not a professional and that I have only took a few thousand of my own money and invested in the stocks that I suggest. I am also not a spokesman for any of the companies that I chose to invest in.

The first stock that I have been following for a while, but no longer own, is GT SOLAR INT. INC., stock symbol SOLR. This stock I have also wrote a full article about which can be read here: http://bizcovering.com/investing/what-to-make-money-on-solr-stock/. But since I wrote that article, the stock has dropped even more. Is that a bad sign? Maybe, but I feel that it is a good sign for you. As everyone wants to do, buy low and sell high. Over the past few months, this stock has been as low as a few dollars to as high as $8.00 a share. Of course, I was lucky enough to pull out when it hit $8.00, drop back down to $4.00 and sell again at $6.00. Giver or take a few cents on the buying and selling prices. But either way, this stock has been fluctuating enough that you can have it as your short term buying and selling stock, if you cover your fees, while you have your long term stocks too.

The second stock I have been following for a while, and could kick my self for not keeping the first time around, is Ford; stock symbol: F. The first time I bought Ford stock, I only paid $1.21. A few weeks later, I sold it for $2.37. That was at the beginning of the year. So far I am kicking my self, although I do own some again, at a much higher price. Since the cash for clunkers program started, the Ford stock went up to almost $8.00. An all time high since the economy started to fail. But today, it is still hovering around the $7.00 mark even after the cash for clunkers program is over. Now is the time to buy. The economy is looking to get better; Ford is looking to amp up production and get better cars on the road. This can only help their stock climb back up to where it was before the economic crash. This is a great stock to get now and hold for a long term investment.

Check for my next article about more stocks to invest in for both long term and short term money.

I give all credit to Yahoo! Finance for the stock symbols and prices.

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