Stock Trading to Win

As I stare at the wall of water from tropical storm Debbie my vacation plans are in ruin so I turn my focus to the stock markets. I will be brief so not to lose you. Will the US markets go up, down or sideways today I ask myself after reading the financial publications from various sources. Since I am passionate about the stock market I asked myself how can I take advantage of the daily price movements and that’s when it hit me, if numbers are involved then one should be able to accurately calculate and predict entry and exits points. Certainly I am not the only one who believes this phenomenon hence the myriad of websites, books, blogs, and infomercials that claim to have the winning strategy. Perhaps some may work however I wonder what caused those folks to develop a stock trading tool to help others win at stock trading. Are they just being nice.

Well I cannot speak for “those folks” and I’m no Einstein but since numbers have a predictive quality there must be a formula that allows stock traders a precognitive view of future trends. Speaking of Einstein, didn’t he use numbers to figure out far more complicated issues impacting mankind? Doesn’t every invention have some mathematical calculation involved? Since the answers to the questions are a resounding yes then I believe I am on the right track.

This brings me back to the stock markets and beliefs by most that the stocks movements are random in nature and cannot be predicted; I say malarkey, if numbers are involved then calculations can definitely determine ones success. Does such things exist at the retail level, may be not yet but with the advancement in computing power and its usage by humans from the infant stages it is just a matter of time before someone creates a winning formula. In fact it might already exist and if so would it be published so that the market can adjust to its tendencies I ask out loud. Then another question pops into my head, how can a human beat a computer at numbers calculations. My answer is since humans developed the computer and wrote code, then humans can also write the code to counter act algorithmic actions. I will live it at that for now.


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