Ramblings of a Whisky Bar Night

I’m never going to live for tomorrow,

The loss of the moment is too strong,

Desperation follows me as a lonely ghost,

And gets me every time.

I look to me and my spirit,

is in the air,

I’m nowhere.

Words are the wagers of desires,

The danger of a drug that takes me higher,

I live for now and forever,

In your eyes, perpetual demise.

Belief in love is something I’ve kindled.

Denied, destroyed and rebuilt,

In moments of regret, peace and guilt.

Tell me love what you felt?

Felt those times that something inside us died.

I remember the night you walked into my life,

I ran the other way.

The temptress, the perfect being,

The siren on the rock, I knew from that day forth

I’d waste my hopes and dreams on you.

Your love for me was too weak; my love for you was too strong.

This clouded mess that clouds my perception,

Is your intimate deception.

Ill set my spirit free, escape these chains.

Next time my love, next life; I’ll be back a better man.

A man who for you to hold,

A man who won’t cuckold.

The smooth breath of the air,

The alpine spirit doesn’t care.

I want that moment again.

The moment of innocence.

My life poisoned with fears, loathing, and regret.

All swept away to remain unwept.

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