Best Fast Food Stocks to Buy

Best Fast Food Stocks to Buy

The companies dominating the fast-food niche are investor ideals. Fast food is a gigantic industry accounting for more than trillions of annual sales. The related companies are investor favorites due to the big, steadily accumulating profits produced by the market leaders.

Despite the rising sales numbers, industry experts believe that fast food is highly likely to get additional growth ahead owing to a constraint on consumer spending prompted by slow wage increase, higher utility and gas prices. Therefore, for investors seeking good fast-food company stocks, we have compiled a list of some of the top reigning names, and how they are shaping the business. It can help investors to understand the benefits of owning stocks in this impressive fast-food niche.

What are Stocks and How Do They Work?

Stocks are securities representing an ownership share in a company. For corporations, allocating stock is a means to generate money to get investors for their business and help it grow. For investors, stocks become a way to increase their money and overtime help to beat inflation. When you acquire stock in a company, you are dubbed a shareholder as you now share in the company’s profits.

Big companies trade their stock via stock market exchange and investors can then buy and sell the shares among themselves through stockbrokers.

Why Investor Like the Fast Food Industry

Fast food incorporates quick-service dining that stands unique from full-service diners like restaurants and bars. The fast-food section is distinguished by its emphasis on speed, ultra-convenience, and low prices. This global industry generates an overwhelming amount of sales every year.

Recently, the fast-food segment of the bigger restaurant industry has thrived while full-service restaurants have lost their footing. People prefer the ease of DriveThrus and quick home deliveries and investors prefer the fast-food domain for many reasons.

It perches the line between consumer staple needs and consumer discretionary and, implying that it is a primary in many consumer’s monthly budgets. This positioning means the industry can indicate substantial growth in times of economic expansion but will not collapse in a downturn.

Consumers pull back only narrowly on their eating-out budget in recessions, but the majority of that cutting happens at the full-service restaurant side of the industry. This is why buying fast food stock is something investors always look forward to.

Let us look at some of the names that dominate the UK fast food industry and are good stock options that offer reasonable dividend yields (the financial ratio measuring the quantum of cash dividends paid to shareholders).


The absolute industry leader, McDonald’s is by far the largest global player, with more than 36,000 fast-food restaurants spread out over most markets around the world. For decades, this burger giant has been a staple and its legendary Big Mac sandwich just celebrated five decades of success. It offers burgers, fries, fried chicken, nuggets, wraps, shakes, and dessert options.

McDonald’s accounts for approximately 7% of all annual fast-food sales, however, this is is not all. It also encompasses enforcing self-ordering kiosks and expanding delivery options strives to position the company for long-term sustainable sales growth.

McDonald’s fast-food company stocks propose a 2.57% dividend yield. The current stock price of McDonald is offering is £148.08


With the premium name in top-class coffee, drinks, and snacks, Starbucks has amassed the global blue-chip significance by enhancing the coffee experience to a prime level. Its formula was a big hit with customers and enabled it to support more than a massive increase in the chain stock price in the twenty-five years following its 1992 public beginning.

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Today, Starbucks administers many locations in the UK, with even China and US being its biggest markets. Its menu has evolved in recent years, but the drinks sales still estimate for approximately three-quarters of its business. Starbucks pays an annual dividend yield of 1.83%.

Starbucks’ accomplishment in the premium coffee niche enticed many investors and its current stock price is £66.48. Its products like holiday mercy and dessert drinks like Pumpkin Spice Latte for Halloween have been a huge success with consumers, as they look forward to these limited edition drinks. Starbucks has a knack for modifying itself to the latest trends in taste while driving the business forward through innovative drinks. This success enables it to retain its solid position among rivals.

Yum! Brands Inc.

Yum! Brands regulate three of the largest fast-food chains around. Its KFC sector is its biggest, bringing in more than £3.26 billion in sales in fiscal 2019. Pizza Hut is second at £8.09 billion of annual revenue, and Taco Bell clocks in at just under £12.59 billion. Jointly, these chains are estimated for 48,000 locations globally.

This diversity has attended to investors well over the years; it has particularly helped retain all-around sales and earnings rising even if Pizza Hut faced some rivals. The steady growth of KFC and Taco Bell easily made up for the pizza closings. Yum! Brands is conducting to revitalize the Pizza Hut brand by striking the delivery sector more aggressively.

As it sets the leadership transition, the company hopes to utilize the chain’s powerful consumer base to advance sales progress and keep dominating three niches. KFC dominates with its Zinger burger, fried chicken, and assorted menu.

Pizza Hut offers a vast range of pizzas and pasta. Taco Bell proposes a collection of Mexican treats like tacos, burritos, etc. Yum! offers stock at £71.92 with a dividend yield of 1.75%.


A particular favorite of the UK, Gregg’s has been around a long time offering delicious bakery items like sausage, pastries, sandwiches, and catering services. While the company faced some issues, the share price of the famous sausage roll seller got its footing back. The company’s premise is affordable and available food, at all times of the day. The company’s top-selling creation is the sausage roll, as it sells two million-plus units weekly.

For Greggs to ensure its growth, they need to defend their spot in the market against dominant rivals like Executives believe this famous UK brand might often get into sticky situations but it always stands back up and is worth investing in.

Greggs stated that it was also bringing back more product range in its stores and has seen sales rise of 76% in one month. The group operates around 1,200 outlets, primarily under the Greggs and Bakers Oven brands. The current stock price is £1531.50 with quarterly revenue growth of 14.70%. Greggs declares a total dividend per share up 25.8% to 44.9p. Its dividend policy aims for a progressive ordinary dividend with excess cash returned to shareholders as appropriate.


Very few fast-food corporations can make claims of anything close to the growth Domino’s keeps. The pizza delivery expert boosted its market share in every fiscal year while broadening its store base at a strong clip. Such a record of accomplishment resulted in remarkable returns for shareholders as annual sales rose to £2.29 billion from £0.94 billion in 2018.

Its low-cost menu with a wide range of pizza, pasta, and chicken options ensure that many locations gain profit with even low sales base. The company offers shares for purchase at £258.87 with a current dividend yield of 0.81%.

Investors worried sometimes that Domino’s requires a strong competitive edge, seeing that many food trucks to neighborhood restaurants propose an interpretation of its product. However, the chain always outpaces the competitors with a blend of marketing and technical concepts like the hot spot program offering prompt delivery to many nontraditional spots like parks and beaches.

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How You Can Find Your Stock

Investors curious about the fast-food industry should not limit themselves and keep their options open as every name has the potential to generate acceptably or even market-smashing returns. This is as valid for a market commander like McDonald’s as it could be for a regional competition like Dunkin’ Brands. Although there are always risks involved while investing in stocks, the powerful track records of the above names illustrate how safe they can be from typical market swings.

When you choose a fast-food stock to purchase, contemplate its competitive assets like industry position, hierarchy, and brand strength. If you seek dividend income, you might want to go with more developed businesses like Starbucks and McDonald’s that pay a regular dividend to shareholders. If expansion is your priority, you can stick to names like Domino’s that are always expanding at an accelerated pace.

Ultimately, going along with company management’s guide to shareholders can be a tremendous way to get an understanding of the business. Opt for a fast-food company that accomplishes aspects like competitive strength, strong finances, and a strong management team then you will be in a wonderful position to receive positive and long-term returns from investing.


Investors can never predict how the market will go however, it is always smart to stay updated on the stock situation of the company you have invested in and take steps accordingly. Fast food companies dominate the stock market game and generate amazing sales every year because of the high demand for this niche. We hope this guide will help you choose the right company to invest in and get a good return.

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