Dividend Investing Advantages: Single Parent Finances

For many single parents, budgeting for family expenses can be quite challenging. When adding in investments for retirement, many single parents simply give up as they are strained to find the right way to invest scarce money. If you are a single parent who is considering the start to your investments and retirement planning, then … Read more

Stocks: A Guide for Beginning Investors

What are Stocks? Stocks are a portion of a company, and ownership of stocks represents partial ownership of a company. They are created when a corporation needs money, and sells parts of itself at a Public Offering. To illustrate the concept, imagine that you own a lemonade stand. It is mid-summer, business is booming, and … Read more

Invest Your Money in Foreign Stock

When it comes to the stock market, you should really invest your money in stocks that are based elsewhere around the world. Why is that? That is because with the way the economy is right now in the United States, it would be much wiser to invest your money in another country. Has the suffering … Read more

Stock Tips for the Small Investor

If you have very little knowledge of the stock market and no time to study it, you might want to consider “buying what you know.” Invest in companies that make products or provide services you like. This is the investment strategy that was preached by fund manager Peter Lynch in the 1990s and I think … Read more

How to Calculate Dividend Yield

Through stock market investments, it is possible to collect thousands of dollars in dividend payments each year. With this money, you can pay bills, purchase big-ticket items, or reinvest cash back into the market to generate additional wealth. To plan your budget, it is critical that you become familiar with the concept of dividend yield. … Read more

How to Use Dividends to Boost Your Stock Returns

When you decide it is time to inch back into the stock market, dividend-paying stocks can help you boost your long-term returns. Cash dividends represent a distribution to the company’s owners (the holders of its common stock) of a portion of corporate profits. They must be approved by the Board of Directors and most often … Read more

Types of IRS Dividends

Dividends are a division of property paid when you own stock in a company. The dividends may come through an estate, trust, partnership or sub chapter of a S corporation. The tax is deducted on the net profit in terms of the initial investment. Ordinary dividends Ordinary dividends are provided when a person owns stocks … Read more

VSTEX Posts Dividends and Financial Reports

The Virtual Stock Exchange (VSTEX) posted a L$0.05 per share dividend earlier this month along with their December, Quarter 4, and Annual Financial Reports. VSTEX made a profit of L$36,500 in the month of December. After having paid dividends in 4 of the last 5 Quarterly Dividend Cycles VSTEX is awarded a 3-Star Luminos Dividend … Read more

How to Invest in Stocks Long-term

Commodities. A great way to keep your wealth safe and to consistently grow your investments is to invest in commodities. A good example of a commodity is Gold. Gold is your best bet long-term due to its consistent growth over time and having never been worth zero. There will likely continue to be a shrinking … Read more

Free Online Stock Trading Practice at UpDown

For those without much experience, practice using different types of orders, tools, and surveying of the market can really help people to understand how to be successful. Updown.com is a website that allows free online stock trading practice, as users may simulate exchanges based on the actual market. Updown.com Stock Trading Practice A free website, … Read more

The Purpose of Equity Markets: How the Equity Stock Market Impacts Business and Investing

The equity stock market is unique in that it involves ownership. When investing in the bond market, the money market, or other securities issued by an institution to raise funds, the investor does not actually own a piece of the firm they are investing in. Instead, they own the debt, and are entitled to interest … Read more

Stock Trading to Win

As I stare at the wall of water from tropical storm Debbie my vacation plans are in ruin so I turn my focus to the stock markets. I will be brief so not to lose you. Will the US markets go up, down or sideways today I ask myself after reading the financial publications from … Read more

Time Ripe to Reap Peace Dividends!

One of the marvels of technology, more particularly global social net-working, is the youths’ aspirations have converged, at least much better than it ever was. Some countries are still fighting a battle to keep out the flow of news & views from across the globe but they know it is a losing one against the … Read more

Choosing Stock to Invest In

Growth shares should be the first area for the private investors to specialize. Growth shares have the ability to increase earnings progressively at an above average rate year after year. The sectors to find growth stocks include; the pharmaceuticals, breweries, healthcare, pubs and restaurants, media, general retailers, support services and other financial. Although all companies … Read more