About Me

Welcome to Dividend & Whisky!

I’m Laurence, after stumbling upon the  F.I.R.E (Financial Independence, Retire Early) movement and understanding the fantastic opportunity dividend investment is I became hooked on working towards my goal of a dividend portfolio that could provide passive income.

My main investment strategy is geared towards dividends (companies that pay you simply for owning stock)

I also have a small balance for experimenting with meme stocks and speculative investments.

I’m a big fan of cryptocurrency and have a small portfolio of staking coins (coins that pay you a return just for owning them)

My main portfolio is held in an ISA on Freetrade I like the app and find it easy to understand and track the performance of my portfolio

For Meme stock and Yolo stocks I’ve been testing on tradeing212

I have the majority of my staking coins on Binance as I find them the easiest exchange to use but I also have some on Coinbase (mainly the free crypto given from their quizzes etc)

I also enjoy a whisky every now and then!